ERAS Headshots

Photo Requirements and Pricing

A professional headshot for your Medical Residency application will be one the most important headshots for your career. We'll coach you to show confidence, approachability and professionalism. We'll work together to produce the best possible headshot that will give you an advantage over other applicants. 

The maximum file size accepted for your application is 100 KB and the photograph must be 2.5 by 3.5 inches in size at 150 dpi. Photo must be in color. Frame must include a frontal view of the person’s head and shoulders. Face must be centered in the middle, light or white background. Smile and friendly look recommended. We'll make sure that your edited picture will match these exact requirements for your peace of mind. 

Our medical residency headshot session is $175 and will last about 30 minutes, 

What differentiate us from other studios?

With more than 590 five star reviews, we're the highest rated photo studio in the entire Bay Area

Unlike cheaper and less experienced photographers that try to copy our brand, we have more than 15 years experience and we use the latest 45MP Mirrorless Canon R5 Camera and RF L Lenses.  We also review in realtime all the pictures on a large iPad to make sure we don't miss on some little details.  Better equipment and expertise will result In a much better picture, and a significant advantage over other applicants.

What you get

We'll email you your ERAS optimized headshot the same day and we guarantee you that it will be accepted by the ERAS system.

We'll also give you a high resolution image suitable for prints, and a smaller one optimized for linkedIn.

Convenient Online Booking

To book your session with us, please use our online booking tool or call us at 650-265-7080

    ERAS Medical residency headshot

There is nothing more important than a first impression.

An impactful image will be considered by the team of doctors who will evaluate your application.

Studies have revealed that  when hundreds of applicant photos are submitted, few physical characteristics predicted a positive match outcome: a more formal but friendly look (suit jacket, glasses, and hair down (for women). Jewelry didn’t seem to make a difference, and neither did male-specific grooming/styling practices (i.e., facial hair)).

According to that study glasses can make candidates appear “intelligent, successful, and hardworking.” 

Professional editing to present the best of yourself

For a competitive advantage, we'll remove flyaway hairs, airbrush and smooth out a blotchy complexion, and even whiten your eyes and teeth.